Jiu-Jitsu for families

Vita Team Sports Association

Growing in family, fraternizing, maturing and learning, working body and mind, combined with training and fun is our proposal to live memorable family moments with very invigorating energy.

We try to develop healthy habits, instill well-being, quality of life, health and fair play among our students, promoting them regularly, continuously and with high-quality levels.
We dedicate ourselves entirely to the students in order to give them the best training through step-by-step learning of all basic knowledge and inherent to the modality. The aim is to promote self-confidence so that they can resolve any eventuality in a very safe and controlled environment.
We advise family training to tighten and strengthen ties in a dynamic and fun way in a very unique environment compared to what is usual for a family to share.


O Jiu-Jitsu levado a sério!!