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We have students for various reasons, from different age groups, professions and social backgrounds.
They all practice Jiu-Jitsu with a sense of joy and happiness, in an atmosphere of friendship and sportsmanship, where the spirit of mutual help is always present.

The aim is to catapult oneself and others in their personal development, increasing their self-esteem.
We are proud to have a close-knit group that seeks well-being, the promotion of health and quality of life, in unison with learning, self-defense, integral development and all the benefits that well-oriented sports practice promotes. We believe that our students deserve the best, which is why we provide a welcoming, clean space where socializing, learning and well-being are the main focus.


Growing as a family, socializing, maturing and learning, working body and mind, allied to training and fun is our proposal to live memorable moments as a family, with a very invigorating energy.

We try to develop healthy habits, instill well-being, quality of life, health and fair play among our students, promoting them regularly, continuously and with high levels of quality.
We dedicate ourselves entirely to our students in order to give them the best training through step-by-step learning of all the basic knowledge inherent in the sport. The aim is to promote self-confidence so that they can resolve any eventuality in a very safe and controlled environment.

We recommend training as a family to strengthen and tighten bonds in a dynamic and fun way in an environment that is quite unique compared to what a family usually shares.


Jiu-Jitsu is the safest and most appropriate way for children to begin their journey into the sporting world of martial arts. It is a non-violent, very effective and complete system of self-defense.

Jiu-jitsu is a safe and functional system of self-defense. It is fundamental for a young person to feel confident with their learning and with themselves.
It is a unique martial art that uses the physical principles of action and reaction, based on levers, balance and agility.
After the first few lessons, it is immediately apparent to both children and parents that jiu-jitsu techniques give the weaker and less physically fit an advantage in a possible confrontation.

The training sessions have a playful and learning aspect, in which rules, autonomy, discipline, and cooperation are instilled, applicable outside and inside the tatami.


The advantage of jiu-jitsu for female students is that it gives them knowledge of the defense possibilities that every woman can perform, because the techniques taught are based on natural movements and therefore easily executed.

These self-defense techniques are a vital aid in avoiding the paralysis common in many sudden attacks by strangers, rape scenarios and even domestic violence.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sport with its own characteristic that sets it apart from all other defense methods: the training is very close to what happens in reality, which makes it very feasible and efficient.

In order to survive an attack, women must train to feel an "at ease" with body contact and this scenario in order to quell panic in emergency situations.


We have specific/differentiated training for students who intend to compete. It is imperative to have an ethical and responsible posture on and off the mats. We teach to recognize defeat with dignity and to accept victory with a humble posture, always maintaining the utmost respect for one's opponents.

The succession of training sessions will allow them to work on their emotions.We believe that mental strength can make a difference during the difficult scenario of competitions, so being strong mentally is a fundamental strength during the course of the fight.

Victory is the culmination of effort, good performance, and the result of a perfect harmony between body and mind.


Director and teacher

I, as an educator/coach, consider myself responsible not only for teaching Jiu-Jitsu but also for taking care of the well-being and health of my students/athletes.

I promote Jiu-Jitsu as a pedagogical tool in Portuguese society. I value discipline among athletes and constantly encourage respect for others and the search for self-control. My students train the good use of aggressiveness, they train non-violence.


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